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How does it work?

The mechanisms of Karnozin Extra are multiple and they help in restoring every cell.

  • Removes lactic acid
  • Increases heart muscle strength and helps in regulating heart rhythm
  • Improves neurotransmission and  has neuroprotective properties
  • Inhibits atherosclerosis and helps in reducing complications caused by diabetes
  • Balances hormones and autonomic nervous system 
  • Inhibits the action of free radicals
  • Cleans toxic metabolic products
  • Chelates heavy metals and removes them from an organism
  • Gives energy to the cells
  • Increases strength and endurance in sport

This is the supplement of the newest generation.

Compared to pure carnosine, Karnozin Extra shows higher bioavailability and antioxidant capacity.

2500 scientific research papers

High Bioavailability

Protected from enzyme carnosinase

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What is Karnozin Extra?

Karnozin Extra is a nutritional supplement with high processing quality. Contains Vitamin E, which contributes to the cell’s protection from oxidative stress.

Contains plant ingredients rich in polyphenols.

Carnosine is a normal component of the nerve tissue and skeletal muscles.

Karnozin Extra is all natural, high-quality, doesn’t contain any artificial colors, GMO free, BSE/TSE free, ISO standard approved, suitable for vegetarians, doesn’t contain ingredients of animal origin.

List of ingredients in one capsule:

The synergy of these ingredients provides incredible results.

See video explainer what L-Carnosine is and why Karnozin Extra is so Extra?

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Benefits of Karnozin Extra

The highest concentrations are found in the brain, heart and skeletal muscles.

Energy Booster

Reduces Oxidative Stress


Neuro and Cardio Protection

Karnozin Extra

Karnozin Extra is a high-quality food supplement with wide range of physiological activities in many different diseases and conditions. Karnozin Extra’s
formulation is based on the principles of mitochondrial medicine. Karnozin Extra improves
mitochondrial function of every single cell in the body, allowing them to produce enough energy
necessary for the body to function properly. For more information about Karnozin Extra, read the FAQ section.

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