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Nutricamed offers only the best food supplements - nutraceuticals

Nutricamed offers only the best food supplements. Professional, efficient, and based only on products with all-natural ingredients. 

Who is Nutricamed?

At the beginning, Nutricamed was a charity organisation founded to help children and people with autism. Today it is an international company which consists of a team of young people who work in the interest of your health. It promotes the results of scientific research on mitochondrial medicine that can greatly improve people’s lives.

Our medical team, using the world’s most popular medical technology, can detect existing or potential disorders in your body and recommend an appropriate treatment with the products mitochondrial medicine has developed.

We would be more than glad to share with you our knowledge and experience!

The foundation of our success are experiences of our users and we are extremely excited to hear each of your individual successful stories.


Our mission

Nutricamed has a mission to promote medical services in a way that is totally different from what you have been used to. Professional, efficient and based only on products made from all-natural ingredients. We are an R & D company which uses positive results from studies to improve food supplements that we offer to the market.

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Provide fashionable and
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Our medical services include: education, diagnosis, counselling and nutritional supplements to achieve a balance on cellular level allowing your body to repair itself.

Karnozin Extra is the product which we are especially proud of.

“ It is revolutionary, unique on the market, crucial for many things, especially for sport performances, endurance and because of that I am recommending it for everyone, especially for people in fitness and sport older than 30 years. “
Jovana Berat personal trainer and architect
I have been using Karnozin Extra since the spring of 2017 until today. I read about the product on the Nutricamed website, and after a little research I realised that it is a really special supplement that represents both the present and the future of mitochondrial medicine. The "engine" of our organism is the mitochondria that produce energy, so I think it makes sense and it is effective to use Karnozin Extra for the purpose of certain performance improvement for athletes because it has a direct effect on the mitochondria
Ognjen Stojanović athlete
“ Since Karnozin Extra became my daily routine I noticed significant changes. My sleep was better, I am having more energy during the day, recovery after injuries and sore muscles are shorter, my speed improved, I am no longer tired as I used to be and I am more efficient than before. My highest recommendation! “
Nemanja Jorgić athlete
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