Karnozin Extra


How to be the part of the success story?

Our main focus is R&D in evidence-based nutraceuticals/supplements and also the production & distribution of end products.

The product – Karnozin Extra is for a decade connected with the company Carnomed d.o.o. in Europe now known as Nutricamed Europe

we were selling our product through distributors and 3rd party entities. Our strategy was based on territorial distributors. In some countries, they even share the name of our company Nutricamed.

2023 some European partners did not prolong exclusivity agreements.  For our customers it brings oportunity to use our new  eCommerce platform KarnozinExtra and receive our product without national distributors.

Our company relies on hi-quality of products. Our product is cheaper because one layer of costs disappeared. However we never compromise quality for price.

Our new strategy creates an oportunity for European B2B partners to cooperate diractly with producer and importer to EU. Interested?

We are open to start new relations with both small influenceers/resellers as well as with national/international distributors/chains of retail stores/pharmacies.

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