Karnozin Extra

Beauty and carnosine

Every woman wants to feel beautiful. A girl, student, mother or elderly lady, each of them feel good receiving even the slightest compliment. Beauty is not only in physical appearance. It has been known for centuries that beauty and health go together. When something does not function properly in the body, it is usually noticed in […]

Stress and carnosine

Do you feel exhausted, tired or in a bad mood after a hard day? Karnozin Extra is an important antioxidant, which coordinates general condition of organism. Free your entire body from tension, tired feet, heart palpitations, headaches… with the simple formula – regular use of Karnozin Extra. Carnosine stabilizes the nervous system and thereby improves […]

Alzheimer’s disease and carnosine

Presence of extracellular deposits of amyloid has been determined In Alzheimer’s disease. Experimental studies have shown that carnosine can reduce or completely prevent cell damage caused by toxic effect of amyloid. β-amyloid reacts with the specific RAGE receptors, causing the damage to nerve cells and cerebral arteries. Karnozin Extra blocks and prevents the activity of amyloid-β, and […]

Diabetes and carnosine

Almost every diabetic knows what the term HbA1c refers to. That is glycosylated hemoglobin, which gives information about the level of blood sugar over the past few months. Recent studies have demonstrated the anti-glycation effect of carnosine. What is actually glycation? The whole organism is in a constant process called glycation (glycosylation). This reaction involves binding […]

Dyslexia and carnosine

It has been proven that carnosine acts as a main and supplemental therapy in many diseases, including learning disorders, age-related conditions, and neurological problems. Carnosine stimulates the production of neurotransmitters that bind to receptors in the nerves, facilitates their relief, and helps to eliminate waste from the cells. Current researchers suggest that carnosine may have a […]

Autism and mitochondrial dysfunction

According to the recent researches of American scientists, which were financed by the largest organisation in the field of autism Autism Speaks, there is a link between autism and mitochondrial dysfunction. This correlation has been known in the past in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. The latest studies have yielded new insights in the field of autism.

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